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Finished Video Projects I've Created

Short Infomercial created in Adobe After Effects | www.healthechoices.com
Compelling informational video illustrating the costs of chronic disease. Created using After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Lightwave3D. Audio professionally recorded at Tampa's Morrisound Studios.

Adobe After Effects example advertising spot
Demo piece I created using existing assets to show current After Effects skills for some nice folks here in the Tampa Bay Area. Bonus 3D animated version of dealership's logo at the end, created in Lightwave3D.

Weevil Away Web Commercial | www.weevilaway.com
I created simple lip-sync images for the characters, voiced professionally by a good friend and voice talent. I was the voice of "Weevil" and "Announcer". 3D Prototype version of product created and animated in Lightwave3D by yours truly. Edited in Adobe Premiere.

Animated Science Fiction Film Segment
"Portal" sequence for the science fiction time-travel comedy Nouveau Lyndia. Created using Lightwave3D, After Effects and Adobe Audition for audio.

Blowing the Door Off!
After Effects sequence created from a still frame and same frame doctored in Photoshop with various explosion and smoke effects composited in. Adobe Audition for audio.

Sheree Johnson Photography Tag
Created in Lightwave 3D and finalized in Adobe Premiere for a wonderful local photographer and filmmaker.

Motion Graphic Animated Studio I.D.
Short studio I.D. I created for some aspiring young film folks. Lightwave 3D.

Motion Graphic Animated Whiteboard to Lecture
Another After Effects example for a great video production facility near Tampa Bay Downs racetrack. Moving background created in Lightwave3D.

CAD Demo
Rotating "exploded view" of stereolithography CAD data imported, textured, and animated in Lightwave3D.

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