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video game television graphic designer, conceptual graphic illustration

Our world is alive with motion, interactivity, sound and color. From video production to videogame design, photography, music and animation, let me take your ideas and fill them with life!

3D Modeling and Animation
In addition to regularly creating showroom and store display prototypes in 3D using Lightwave 3D, I have also worked on a number of animation and other graphic projects in all phases of this exciting field!

3d lightwave virtual reality media modeler
animator modeler 3d artist graphic designer
fine artist modeler animator lightwave television graphics
character animator mascot cartoonist graphic artist
virtual reality set 3d graphic modeler artist animator
world level design game animator modeler 3d lightwave
movie film editor video producer graphic art director creative
visualization modeler 3d animate flash graphic design
architectural visualization render 3d lightwave prototype
lightwave 3d model cartoon cartoonist cartooning designer artist

Published Video Game Portfolio
I have worked on a number of published video games as not only a creative director, but also a level designer, 3D modeler, character animator, texture artist and musician.

videogame title sequence animation storyboard
video game package design artist designer
game level design graphic art lightwave character
lightwave 3d character game level design
cartoonist cartoon character concept art videogame designer
news magazine videogame print graphic article copywriting
3d model game object low poly modeler modeling
game object lightwave maya 3ds unity camera digital photographer
videogame asset low poly visual 3d artist modeler

Effective use of composition and lighting techniques can make just about anything a work of art! I have also worked professionally in television not only as a producer and director but also as a videographer and digital editor.

architectural cad design
showroom display 3d modeler
web design internet site page
photographer photoshop cs4 adobe creative graphic artist director art
photo editor design graphic tampa st petersburg florida pete artist
photo artist graphic adobe photoshop cs4 digital photographer
artistic photography digital photographer art graphic artist
technique art camera photographer photography professional

Photographic Retouching - Adobe Creative Suite
A few examples of "less than perfect" images made better through science!

architectural cad design
showroom display 3d modeler
web design internet site page

Music composition and songwriting is not only a passionate hobby for me, it has also proven beneficial in my professional work. I have written award-winning music and lyrics for promotions and have published pieces in video games.

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